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Do you need a realignment?

January 26, 2011

Every so often our cars need to have their tires aligned. This need can come from a something specific (such as hitting a pothole or a curb, getting in an accident, etc.) or it can just come from natural uneven wear on the tires. Either way, the result is that your car “drifts” or “pulls,” it no longer just goes straight.

This can happen in our spiritual life. Whether its something specific or you’ve just put in a lot of miles in with your walk, we can sometimes get off track. It’s not that we’re heading in the wrong direction, we’re just “drifting.”

So what do we do? If you’ve ever heard me speak, I almost always talk about the “fundamentals of the Christian faith.” That’s because I think they are so important. The little things are what keep you on track. To switch analogies, remember that the fundamentals in any sport are what allow you to to be successful in that sport.

My point is, when is the last time you have had a spiritual alignment? The last time that you got some things tweeked to make sure you’re going straight.

I’ll give you an example from my life. Remember, for you it can be anything. For me it was staying focused on the end. Let’s go back a couple of weeks. I was still walking with God, reading my Bible praying, etc., but something was off. I couldn’t figure out what, but I was “drifting” against my will. So I headed to the “shop.” That is, I fasted for a day last week and asked God for a spiritual realignment. Well today I got the answer. I had lost focus of the end. I wasn’t living expecting Christ to return at any moment. I asked for forgiveness and God quickly got me back on the road, going a little bit straighter than before.

So what is it for you? Are you heading straight, or do you need a spiritual alignment like I did? Ask God, I’m sure He will show you with time.

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